How Advanced Search Works

  • In the first column, in the Choose Field box, select a search category.
    For example: Category
  • In the second column, in the Choose Condition drop-down menu, select how you would like to match the search term.
    For example: is
  • In the third column, you can either choose from the drop-down options available or enter specific search values in the text box.
    For example: Drawing
  • To add additional search parameters, repeat steps 1-3 for each parameter in the rows below your first set of search criteria.
  • To begin your query, click on the Search button.
  • To begin a new search, click on the Reset button.

Advanced Search Tips

  • Less specific searches will return more results. If you search with two fields that returns no results, try searching with a single field. If you run an 'is' search that returns no results, try using 'contains' instead.
  • If you select 'is' in the second column, a pop-up list of possible terms might appear in the third column to assist you with your search.

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